Apr 29, 2021 • 1HR 3M

Everyone's Mad About Things That Aren't Happening

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Ryan Broderick
We talk about content. How it's made. Why it's good. Why it's very bad. Sorry in advance for the British bits.
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It's called "cancel culture" but that's not quite right. What's happening, instead, is a large-scale weaponization of outrage bait. It's happening predominantly on the right, but also can happen on the left! As Luke in this episode sums it up: "Everyone's mad about things that aren't happening." We're focusing on the Kamala Harris book story, the Biden banning meat thing, and one shocking development that happened on TikTok last week. What's even crazier, though, is that just because a lot of this stuff is not happening doesn't mean it doesn't matter. Also, we talk about the Oscars!