Apr 10, 2020 • 1HR 1M

Making Bread, Bad British Tabloid Recipes, Rabid Lady Gaga Stans, And Quarantine Astrology

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Ryan Broderick
We talk about content. How it's made. Why it's good. Why it's very bad. Sorry in advance for the British bits.
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Look, if you keep listening, we're just gonna keep making these. This week we have Cates Holderness, senior Brand Marketing Strategist at Tumblr, on to talk about making bread, Kalhan Rosenblatt, reporter for NBC News, to talk about feral Lady Gaga stans, Kassy Cho, freelance journalist, on to talk about why quarantine is especially hard for Geminis, and Julia Alexander, reporter for The Verge, about why Batman V Super: Dawn Of Justice is actually a good movie.