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The Liz Truss Lettuce And Trickle-Down Twitter Brain

The Liz Truss Lettuce And Trickle-Down Twitter Brain


Soooo this week’s big topic was about the currently-unraveling political situation in the UK. And while we were editing the episode British Prime Minister Liz Truss resigned. But other than that, thanks to how weirdly slow-fast British politics moves, not much else we talked about this week has changed, so this should all still be pretty relevant! We also talked about the current trend of weird rich guys buying social networks and Ryan shares a theory he has about Netflix.

Also, come to our live show in London next month! The amazing lineup includes:

  • Chris Stokel-Walker, tech journalist

  • Saima Ferdows, comedian and producer

  • Hanna Ines Flint, author of Strong Female Character

  • Charlotte Colombo, freelance writer and editor at The Daily Dot

  • Sophia Smith Galer, journalist, content creator, and author of Losing It

Get tickets here!


A rundown of the Kanye West Parler stuff

The good Netflix thread

Platformer’s Meta vs The Wire story

The Wire’s most recent statement on the whole thing

The bad right-wing Indian news site that does unfortunately make a good point about the whole Meta thing

Another good tweet about the Meta India stuff

The Liz Truss lettuce stream

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