Hi, we’re Ryan and Luke. Ryan writes a newsletter called Garbage Day (it’s very good, but Luke refuses to read it) and Luke is head of digital for inews.co.uk. Every week, we talk about what’s new in the world of online content. Whether that’s Facebook magicians, TikTok landlords, or crypto scams. It’s a great time and we’ve been told our episodes are “great to listen to while I’m doing other stuff” and “works well as background noise.”

We drop an extra minisode for paying listeners each week where we talk about what we’ve been watching. Usually it devolves into a conversation about Marvel movies, but also sometimes Luke throws a curveball and talks about an actual book he’s been reading. And, unfortunately, sometimes Ryan talks about anime.

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We have a lot of episodes. Not sure where to get started? Here are a few recent ones we’ve done that are part of our ongoing deep dive into the weirdness of Facebook:

Thanks for listening! Feel free to shoot us a message if there’s anything weird online that you want us to investigate. We love a good challenge.

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I think the internet should be more open and make us feel better. And I don't think those are opposing ideals. Author of Garbage Day (garbageday.substack.com)