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Jun 4, 2022·edited Jun 4, 2022

Finnish person here. I'm not paying Garbage Day subscriber, so I comment on here.

Bucket shortage isn't real (rest of the history on that TikTok video is true I think), but lining for free buckets is definitely a real thing (I have seen this with my own eyes on our marketplace).

Even we finnish people aren't exactly sure why free buckets are popular what I have read.

My theory is that finnish people in general just really love free stuff almost any kind, because this country is kinda expensive. For free stuff that's cheap to create, buckets are useful kind of stuff. And it's really common household item here.

It has become a joke too, at least in modern times. But even if it's a joke, the bucket fever is still real.

Here's finnish article about this phenomenon from trustworthy source: https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-10742389 (Google Translate works okay-ish for finnish language).

P.S. My town's marketplace is in that TikTok video for first 15 seconds.

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